Nicholas & Nick Cogar 



We are involved in all aspects of diesel, from an every day work horse to your down right sled pulling big Horsepower applications.

Here at Diesel Power, we service and build your Class 8 Trucks such as CAT, Cummins,Detroit, Mack, International, Perkins, Ford, New Holland, Komatsu, John Deereand so much more! We custom build high performance engines to fit the customer's request as well as building your bone stock replacement engines.



We take pride in our work at Diesel Power with a clean and friendly work environment! We treat all customers with respect and in a professional manner, To start a project with Diesel Power, we will have you do a consultation with Nick or Nicholas. With a simple background of what you would like to achieve, we discuss the options and the products to build just what you are looking for!

Shop Service

After the consultation and a clear understanding of what you want, we begin the tear down process where we inventory and examine the quality and condition of the engine or the piece of equipment we are working on. We start off by placing parts in a hot tank to ensure a good thorough cleaning, followed with a drying process. We take engine components to our Machinist in our shop and begin performing the necessary tasks to refurbish the parts.  After the machinist's tasks are completed, we run it through a rinse and dry process to ensure the quality of the parts are ready for assembly.