Machine Shop

Below is a list of a few of the many services our Machine shop provides:

Head Work 

  • Surface heads
  • Cut and install valve seats and guides
  • Replace/Install injector tubes/cups
  • Magnaflux for cracks
  • Pressure test
  • Cut fire rings for high horse power applications
  • Grind valves and seats
  • Drill and pin cracked heads
  • Valve spring pressure scaling to ensure proper valve seat pressure

Cylinder Block

  • Drill and Dowel
  • Deck
  • Line bore mains
  • Cut counter bores
  • Bore cylinder and install sleeves
  • Magnaflux for cracks
  • Install cam bearings
  • Head bolt savers
  • Stroke hone cylinders
  • Bore and Sleeve repair spun cam & main bearings

Crank Shaft

  • Grind cranks
  • Polish
  • Straighten
  • Balance

Connecting Rods

  • Clip caps and resize
  • Install and bore wrist pin bushings
  • Stroke rods
  • Weigh and balance rods
  • Measurements


  • Polish camshafts
  • Rebuild roller rockers and Cam followers
  • Pop test a variety of injectors and injection pumps
  • Balance engine assembly
  • Fly cut pistons for stroker assemblies
  • Thermal coating for internal engine parts